Craobh Naithí Music Books and Tutorial CD Packs

Craobh Naithí, with the assistance of Michael Tubridy, a highly respected traditional musician and branch member, has published two books of Irish traditional tunes. The tunes from these books, 250 in all, form the basis of our younger players repertoirs.

To accompany the music books, Craobh Naithí has also produced 2 tutorial CD sets. Each tune is played on a solo instrument at a slow learning tempo and without ornamentation, exactly as written in the books. The tune is then repeated at a faster tempo with the introduction of ornamentation. The musicians performing on the CD's are current Craobh Naithí teachers, the majority of whom started as young pupils of the branch and now pass on their skills and knowledge to a new generation of young Craobh Naithí pupils.

Both books are used extensively by traditional music teachers throughout Ireland, Britain and the United States and are also recommended on the syllabus for Comhaltas' SCT examinations, developed in conjunction with the Royal Irish Academy of Music.


To Order Copies

Contact Derek Johnston on + 353 87 2208661 (GMT)

They are also available to purchase any week at the committee desk

Cost: €20 per CD pack and €10 per book


Féile Naithí Annual Festival

Craobh Naithí organises this annual festival of traditional music for young musicians. Expert tutors are invited to conduct master classes which help young musicians acquire a deeper understanding of the richness of traditional music, developing their styles and repertoirs. The festival also includes sessions and recitals and concludes with a gala concert from all tutors and many of the young students.

The concert is recorded and a CD is donated to the Irish Traditional music archive. It is funded by the Arts Council of Ireland.

Féile Naithí objectives are:

  • To offer young traditional musicians an opportunity to learn from the best teachers available

  • To increase young musicians awareness of the rich variety of regional styles

  • To offer young musicians opportunities to perform in a concert setting with top traditional artists

  • To encourage friendships and social intercourse through playing with young and older musicians

  • To introduce top quality traditional music to a wider community in the South Dublin area